How this plan will be delivered

The delivery of Lighting The Way 2023+ will be supported by enabling infrastructure, including structures, tools and processes, to ensure our system of schools is positioned to achieve strategic outcomes and deliver lasting improvement for students, staff and school communities.

Each year the Catholic Education Office (CEO) will publish a system-level annual plan, outlining the strategic goals that will be prioritised in the coming year. The system-level annual plan will reflect the decisions made during the CEO’s annual planning process about what system-wide initiatives will be delivered that year.

Service areas within the CEO will also produce their own annual operational plans that describe how the work of their teams will contribute to achieving strategic goals. CEO initiatives will be measured both by the effectiveness of their delivery and by their impact on relevant improvement indicators, reflecting our commitment to ensuring every strategic initiative makes it “through the classroom door” and drives tangible improvement at the school level.

Guided by Lighting The Way 2023+ and their local school context, principals and school leadership teams will produce their own multi-year strategic school improvement plans, which will be delivered through a series of annual improvement plans. Each school’s improvement plans will specify the contribution they will make to Lighting The Way 2023+ focus areas through the delivery of local improvement initiatives identified through the Continuous Catholic School Improvement process.

A coordinated approach to delivering strategic initiatives

School and CEO plans will be recorded in a system-wide digital platform. This platform will provide shared visibility of the major initiatives being undertaken across the system and ensure the work of schools and the CEO is aligned to the focus areas of Lighting The Way 2023+.

In addition, the platform will serve as a tool for managing the day-to-day implementation of projects and activities at the school and system level. The progress and impact of individual initiatives and programs of work will be monitored and reviewed regularly, allowing informed decisions to be made about where adjustments or additional support may be required.

Initiatives proposed by CEO teams outside the annual planning and budgeting process will be subject to a formal evaluation before being approved. This evaluation will involve the development of a detailed proposal, which will then be assessed on its alignment to strategy and impact on schools, and subjected to a cost-benefit analysis.

Adapting to new information and progress

Over time, as goals are achieved and improvement realised, new focus areas and outcomes will be set, supporting an approach to strategic improvement that is both proactive and responsive to changes in our environment, and continuously focused on delivering the best outcomes for students and our community of Catholic schools.