Unpacking Faith Foundations

Having passionate, confident and well-informed staff is essential to fulfilling the mission of our Catholic schools. To achieve this, teachers must be deeply committed to the school's values and beliefs and possess a thorough understanding of Catholic teachings and traditions. Engaging teachers in effective formation methods that highlight the beauty and depth of the Catholic faith is crucial to providing an exceptional education that prepares students to make a positive impact in the world.

During Term 1, primary early career teachers participated in Catholicity STUFF, a contemporary professional learning program that provided an enriching experience to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith.  The course offered an opportunity for teachers to explore the Bible and the story of Jesus Christ as a foundation of Catholic faith and tradition, increase their knowledge and understanding of the liturgical year and the use of sacred spaces as well as effective prayer practices and teaching and learning strategies of storytelling and creative arts for use in the RE classroom and whole school celebrations.

This program contributes to the strategic focus area of Formation in the Catholic Tradition by providing teachers with foundational knowledge, practical skills, and experiences that deepen their understanding of prayer and the liturgical year within the context of Catholicity.

The knowledge and skills acquired through Catholicity STUFF can be applied in the K-6 classroom and throughout the whole primary school to engage students in meaningful and authentic faith formation. By investing in professional development opportunities that foster a deep commitment to the Catholic faith and equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to teach it effectively, Catholic schools can provide an outstanding education that is firmly rooted in faith, invites students to encounter the person of Jesus Christ, and prepares them to be ethical leaders in their communities.